Student Testimonials

My world…

Today I’m standing with my own..

Doubtlessly it’s because of Atamie International School….

Our principal Sir. DrAzard Uduman JP …I do pay my gratitude…

In My journey i will never ever loose because I do have the strength and magical blessings from Atamie …

Garuka Kalhara Jayaweerawardhana

Ragama Branch Alumni

The opportunities I have been given at Atamie have been absolutely phenomenal. I really cannot thank enough to all the staff and to the management. To finish my journey as a school captain has been a dream come true. I am not sure that I would have developed my leadership skills this far at anywhere else. It is only because Atamie has so much interest in enriching us to be all rounded individuals that these opportunities arise.

It’s very grateful to be a part of such an amazing family making beautiful memories and gaining knowledge over the past 18 years of my life.

Anargi Yasasweeni Jayathilleka

School Captain 2019/2022

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Spike Lee

Web Developer