I am delighted to contribute this message on behalf of our dear school, Atamie International.

When Atamie was founded on the 9th of Jan 2003 at Oliyamulla, I was proud to be a part of the Atamie family that was led by Founder Managing Directer Dr.Azard Uduman.

I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Alex Uduman for giving me an opportunity to serve at Atamie. I also thank the management for providing me with various opportunities and for motivating me throughout my journey in every possible way.

As the Vice Principal, I am fortunate to be a part of this adventure, watching our school grow and aspire to be one that we can call “home”. Moreover, I am at pleased that we, as an International School, are not biased to any religion, culture or belief. We are open to develop all cultures and religions respecting their own faiths.

If we aspire to build a better world we have to change and mould ourselves to become better citizens.Over the years Atamie has blossomed into an institute which provides opportunities to students, to achieve higher standards and improve in all areas and establish a very high level in the educational curriculum.I strongly believe that it is our paramount duty to produce well mannered, civilized and healthy patriotic children to our nation together with a well equipped and recognized education to face the globalization of the world.

It is our fervent hope that each and every one of our students of Atamie would steadfastly aspire to be great leaders.

May the blessings of God shower upon our school.

Good luck to all our parents, students, teacher, and all other well wishers.

Let us trust each other and march forward ! Best wishes for a bright future !

Mrs Shakra Uduman