Educational Standard Development Committee (ESDC)

The school management has appropriately centralized the standard by introducing the ESDC to be responsible for the standard of the school academically. The Head of ESDC will work together with the members who will liaise with the British Council / Edexcel Country Office and all other educational bodies together with the branch heads and team leaders of the school to continually develop the standards and maintain the required levels of academic achievements and goals.

The ESDC will also monitor the exams through the Examinations Department and the total process from preparation of the papers to the processing of the Evaluation Report.

Centralized Examination Department (CED)

The school management has also developed the above department to conduct examinations in the head school and the branches keeping in par with the standards and maintaining a fair and just evaluation to all students. All papers are done through the CED and distributed at the right time for examination. Teachers are not able to know the questions prior to the exam. They should follow the required Scheme Of Work for teaching. Thereby the evaluation process is maintained in a fair and just manner for all students.