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Atamie International School Network started its operations on 09th Jan 2003 and a creative signature school of Deshamanya Dr. Azard Uduman. Being a veteran educationistAtamie is well groomed with discipline standard education and a conducive environment for young children to mold their future successfully. Atamie spreads her wings to Ragama, Kotugoda and Kotahena as the branch schools blossoms together with the head school atMabola- Wattala.

Atamie is in the forefront of international education and conducts both Edexcel/Person London curriculum from Grade 1 – Advanced Level and National Curriculum from grade 6 onwards to National Advanced Level.


Students must have an attendance of 90% for every academic term to be promoted to the next level with an average of 45% and above at the end of each academic year.

It is compulsory to maintain the text and exercise books neatly and up-to-date notes. All students of grade 8 and above must study 3 hours per day at home and maintain a study diary which should be signed by the parents. This study diary will be checked by the class teacher every week and by the Educational Standard Development Center on an ad hoc basis.


Discipline is the most important theme at Atamie International School. During the tenure at school, all students are expected to maintain a high degree of discipline and follow the ‘code of conduct’ 100%. Parents are instructed to read and understand the ‘code of conduct’ and also discuss the same with the children. Discipline will never be compromised.



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Student Testimonials

The opportunities I have been given at Atamie have been absolutely phenomenal. I thank all the staff and the management. Finishing my journey as a school captain has been a dream. I would not have developed my leadership skills this far anywhere else. It is only because Atamie has so much interest in enriching us to be all-rounded individuals that these opportunities arise.
It’s very grateful to be a part of such an amazing family making beautiful memories and gaining knowledge over the past 18 years of my life.

Anargi Yasasweeni Jayathilleka

School Captain 2019/2022

My world…

Today I’m standing with my own..

Doubtlessly it’s because of Atamie International School….

Our principal Sir. DrAzard Uduman JP …I do pay my gratitude…

In My journey, i will never lose because I have the strength and magical blessings from Atamie ..


Garuka Kalhara Jayaweerawardhana

Atamie Ragama Branch Alumni

“I am indeed a blessed student of Atamie International School. I joined as a Toddler and trotted all the way to Advanced Level education learning all about life & society. I was lucky to be a student of Deshamanya Dr. Azard Uduman who taught me about the passionate life ahead and how to achieve targets. Today I am a successful person because of all the teachers who taught me and my dear alma mater Atamie. I am positively an achiever !”


Vidusha Baskaran

Student Council Judge 2019/2022