Admission Procedure

  1. Registration at Reception
  2. Inquiry at Administration Office / Receive relevant details and Procedure.
  3. Age of students – Minimum age of student for the pre-school would be   2 ½ years.
  4. The Admission Procedure will be given to you separately.
  5. If the placement of student is decided by the Administration the required class will be allocated and the placement will be based on age, previous school records, ability and the need of the student.
  6. It is the practice of the school to closely monitor at least one term to determine whether he/she is appropriately placed. The school assumes the right to re assign a student to any other class deemed to be appropriate after due consideration on the performance of the student.

School Policy on Uniform

  1. No hipsters, low waist jeans etc are allowed.
  2. All girls should wear black cycle shorts under their skirts.
  3. One plain stud per ear is permitted. Large stones, tussles, loops or hanging earrings are not allowed.
  4. Ties, shoes, socks are all part of the uniform and should be worn properly.
  5. Shirts should be properly tucked into the skirt, trousers. Loose shirts and fashionable tucking will not be allowed.