Atamie International School offers a robust sports program designed to foster physical development and teamwork among students. The school conducts a variety of sports activities, including cricket, karate, swimming, netball, and badminton, ensuring a comprehensive physical education curriculum.

*Cricket*: Atamie encourages cricket participation among middle and upper age groups, focusing on developing skills from an early age to prepare students for competitive levels. The school’s cricket program emphasizes teamwork and strategic thinking, aiming to cultivate both individual talents and cohesive team dynamics.

*Karate*: Karate is a significant part of the sports curriculum at Atamie. The school provides structured karate training, promoting physical fitness, self-discipline, and mental toughness. Competitions and demonstrations are integral to the program, allowing students to showcase their skills and progress.

*Swimming*: Swimming is another key sport offered at Atamie. The school boasts facilities and training programs that cater to various skill levels, from beginners to advanced swimmers. The swimming program aims to develop students’ endurance, strength, and technique, with opportunities to compete in inter-school and national events.

*Netball*: Atamie’s netball program is well-structured, with teams participating in various age categories. The school’s netball , emphasizing the development of agility, coordination, and teamwork among players.

*Badminton*: Badminton at Atamie is popular among students, with dedicated training sessions and competitive opportunities. The program focuses on enhancing reflexes, strategic play, and physical fitness, ensuring students excel both in individual and team events.

Overall, Atamie International School’s sports programs are designed to nurture athletic talents and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle among students. The diverse range of sports offered ensures that every student has the opportunity to explore and excel in their chosen discipline.

Chrishanthi Benjamin