The school’s utmost priority is on discipline. Therefore the laid down procedures should be maintained and abide by all rules and regulations properly.

Behaviour, Expectations and Sanctions.


  • Our School recognises that effective teaching and learning will only take place in an atmosphere where there is a clear understanding of what is and what not acceptable behaviour. All members of the school community play their part in ensuring that the rules and practices governing good behaviour set out in this document are adhered to.
  • Good behaviour is taught and rewarded.
  • Problems are minimised or, better still, do not occur in the first place.
  • Where problems do occur, measures are in place to support students and to reduce their impact upon the school community and the smooth running of school.

It is also acknowledged that the following key issues must be recognized if a whole school approach to behaviour management is to be successful.

  • A clear understanding of the aims of the school is crucial in the implementation of a whole-school  behaviour policy. Everyone must know where they are going and why?
  • We can change behaviour only with proper coordination of the parents and by working together.
  • Communication about issues concerned behaviour is important.
  • Parent’s support to the teacher and the administrative authority is necessary in setting high goals  in good behaviour.
  • Calm and controlled interventions of the parents can help to deal with inappropriate behaviour.
  • Consistency, fairness and appropriateness are crucial in the implementation of school policies.
  • Rules, Rewards and Punishments should be clearly understood.
  • Remember understanding the issue and dealing appropriately will always help to promote a well mannered student in to the society.
  • It is a prime responsibility of the parent to encourage students to take personal responsibility for  their own conduct and to develop self-discipline.

We take the view that, by adhering to the above principles, all members of the school community will be able to benefit from the maximum opportunity to pursue the school’s aims as set out below.

  • We urge everyone in our school to develop to their fullest potential.
  • We value qualities of self-esteem, confidence, satisfaction and enjoyment through effort and  achievement.
  • We want all students, teachers and staff to show sense of responsibility & respect for one another,   in their  circle of learning, working and coordinating in the school community as a whole.

All our students and teachers should respect the rules and policies of the school. We all must understand the following.

  • All students to learn and teachers to teach.
  • Respect the work of all members of the school community.
  • Respect people’s safety, feelings and property.
  • Protect the school property and the environment.

General Rules
  1. Litter must always be put into the bins provided.
  2. Food and drink should not be consumed in corridors, staircases, or whilst lessons on progress.
  3. Designated out-of-bound areas should not be used by students.
  4. Chewing Gum is strictly prohibited in school.
  5. Students should move calmly in passages and whilst passing classrooms silently.
  6. Students should allow free movement of others in passages and always respect others’ rights.
  7. Toys, knives, laser pens, sharp objects, and any other item that can cause physical injury should not be brought to school.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring any movie Cd’s, DVD’s, VHS cassettes, Mp3 players,  walkman, CDMan, Bluetooth devices, audio Cd’s, scan and non-scan radios, expensive watches,  play station games, cartridges, game boys, remote control toys & devices, jewelry, etc and if found will be confiscated immediately.
  9. Students must not intimidate others verbally or physically.
  10.  Students are all strongly encouraged to report all incidents of intimidation, either that they suffer or that they witness.
  11.  Students should complete all homework on time and meet coursework deadline.
  12.  Students should keep their books neat and tidy and it becomes part of their responsibility to get the books corrected and checked by the teachers’ concern.
  13.  All students must be in school at least 10 minutes before the first bell is rung.
  14.  Those who accompany the children to school should not remain inside the school premises during school hours. They may use the parents’ waiting area. Should they wish to meet the teacher they may do so before or after school hours.
  15.  Should they need to meet the principal, administrator, vice-principal or any other member of the management staff, this can be arranged by prior appointment.
  16.  Children are not allowed to wear valuable chains, watches, jewelry, etc to school. The management will not be responsible for the loss of the same. The girls’ hair should be plaited and tied up with school color ribbons. The boys should have neatly combed short hair and please note fancy hair cuts are strictly PROHIBITED.
  17.  School property and environment should be treated with respect, to ensure a clean, beautiful, and healthy environment.
  18.  Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student whose behavior brings disrepute to the school. This applies to all students both during and after school hours.
  19.  Only parents or their appointed representatives are authorized to collect children after school.
  20.  Parents are encouraged to develop good communication with the class teacher and to supervise the students’ work on a daily basis. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that homework; assignments etc are completed on time for evaluation.
  21.  Parents also should monitor the behavioral patterns of the child and take responsibility for providing a safe, healthy, caring, and loving environment at home for educational purposes and the growth and well-being of the child.
  22.  Admission Fee, Term Fee, Facility Fee, Donations, etc are all strictly NON-Refundable. Once the payment is done and the receipt is issued No payment will be refunded under any circumstances.
  23.  Students must obey and respect all teachers and seniors in the school. Parents are kindly requested to inculcate good habits at home. This will help the teachers maintain a better learning environment at school irrespective of cultural or religious beliefs.
  24.  All students must be courteous, obedient, and honest. Any breach of this policy will lead to disciplinary action.
  25.  Use of mobile phones, paging devices, or any sort of communication equipment during school hours is strictly prohibited.
  26.  The parents can contact the office directly in an emergency and the message will be conveyed to the student.
  27. Parents visiting the school whether to attend parent-teachers meetings or for any other business, should be dressed neatly. Anyone who enters the main gate dresses in a manner deemed inappropriate by the management such as those displaying facial studs, unacceptable hairstyles and/or colors, revealing clothing, etc risk being refused entry.
  28.  Please bear in mind that we are an international school maintaining the cultural traditions of SRI LANKA – Our country – and we are indeed proud to be a SRI LANKAN

We take pride in our Atamie Culture and our parents support us in this. Therefore if your views and expectations for your children are the same as ours, let us join hands and develop a better society for the future generation whom we owe as a nation.