Vision, Mission & Objectives


AIS endeavors to become the preferred student education and training service provider for students who seek international education in Sri Lanka and eventually in South East Asia together with its affiliated colleges and universities.


To Keep with our Vision and objectives intact, by striving to achieve to uplift the standard of International education with other schools by working genuinely and doing ‘our Duty First’


In its quest for growth, AIS has set its sights on the following overall objectives.

  1. To create the best possible environment free from ethical and religious boundaries and to sustain high standards of education right throughout the period of education of a student.
  2. To develop social and moral activities which will guide, assist and compromise situations in order to create a just society in the next fifteen years and thereafter.
  3. To nurture a wonderful set of students who would be called as proud citizens of Mother Lanka in all trades and sports human can reach.
  4. To bond the student–teacher relationship with proper respect and regard in order to fulfill the above objectives.
  5. To create a conducive environment for teachers and staff to fulfill management vision at AIS and to strive for excellence with every step that is kept forward.